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Hello! Thank you for taking the time out to read a bit about my journey.


I studied graphic design at The Cape Peninsula University of Technology. This is where I fell in love with elements of visual language, colour, imagery, space and emptiness. While I couldn’t resist the shimmering appeal of advertising, I discovered a side of me that was equally drawn to geeking out over the precision of academic and catalogue layout work.


I started out as a traditional Graphic Designer in the corporate world of the TFG (The Foschini Group) group, designing for all three sports brands, Sportscene, Totalsports and Duesouth.


From Graphic Designer I moved on to Creative Co-ordinator, which afforded me the opportunity to incorporate shoot co-ordination in to the design aspect. I managed window concept design, packaging design, digital and print production. The full 360.

I left design behind for a few years and moved in to Brand Management and then Marketing Manager for the Totalsports brand. Overseeing Trade Marketing, Events & Media. This allowed me to deep-dive into the relationship between brand storytelling and strategy and hands on execution of multiple concurrent campaigns.

Although I enjoyed certain aspects of my role for leading consumer sports and lifestyle brands, my heart was not in Marketing and I started dabbling more and more in freelance Graphic Design :).


And here we are on my portfolio site. A full circle.


Take a look through some of my work and let me know your thoughts. Yikes. And if you think can help you to execute your creative, I’d love to hear from you.